a friendly spot
to lose yr

Tip top food, booze and tunes
Business hours Wed-Sun 4pm -1pm
A doodle of a beefy bicep arm covered in tattoos holding a lollipop. Like the shop. Get it?
fist bursting out of wall holding a bottle of beer.

the f*ck is

Lollipop Shoppe is a Music Venue, Bar/Restaurant and Curated Arts Space with one foot in the past and another firmly in the future. The food is from Papi Sal's and the music is from Outer Space.

A cartoon of bulging eyeballs coming out of a crack in the page. Psychedelic nonsense.Doodle, little mustache faceShows
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how we do

Finger gun with a bang blast out of the finger tipPsychedelic doodle with eyeball in a cowboy hat and a mouth eating a lollipop. Like the shop. Get it?